So how does Minnesota stack up with the rest of the world music-wise?

Press play and listen for yourself.

This is a continuation of a series about unearthing some great music from the state of Minnesota.

Last time we listened to music that was more Americana in nature. In this episode, other than all of the music being on the mellower side, I mix it up a bit genre-wise.

So strap on your open mind and prepare to expand your taste in music just a little more.

Oh and side note…

The music in this podcast is best served over a decent pair of headphones or a great Hi-Fi system. Some of these songs really come alive when you are more immersed.

Also, have another state that you think has great music, let me know and lets explore.

Listen now.

(Please note: if you only hear me talking, you will have to open the show in the Spotify app to hear the music. Their rules, not mine. Sorry.)

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Songs and artists in this episode:

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The Playlist

Here’s a playlist of all the songs on this podcast and others I sifted through to find music for this episode:

Minnesota Music – Mellow-ish Edition

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